Naomi's Story: Oh, To Be Known

by NAOMI NEWTON | @naomi254

This is a personal story of breakthrough.  As of late, I was asked to create a 10 year vision + goals for my life by new part-time employer (Lululemon Athletica).  I am a visionary by nature, but most often with the big stuff it looks more like fleeting thoughts: “what ifs” and “someday I will…”  Therefore, this was a challenge.  A huge risk of the heart to take.  It’s one thing to dream with God in seeking possibilities;  it’s another thing to write them down and make by whens.  Now they are real. 

Believe it or not, this was a really difficult exercise for me.  It’s not my lack of optimism— I have plenty.  It was the realization that I had not made room for creating my future.  Not enough at least.  I have only taken one step at a time.  Taking what has been handed to me, rather than FINDING favor.  Searching it out.  In addition, these goals (personal, career, & health) are to be displayed for the public to view.  Wait!! I have to share the most vulnerable thing ever?!  My dreams, my heart. 

Growing up, I had learned that there are dream killers.  “Be careful, because people won’t believe you can do it, and they’ll squash your dreams.”  I have held onto a lot of my dreams, keeping them safe as I know how.  There is truth to doing so, like the Scripture says “Don’t cast your pearls before the swine.”  I think on this journey, we need to find the balance.  Less self-protection, and more faith that God is going to make a way for us, even in opposition.  The key is boldness, not fear.  Boldness cannot go outward, unless theres boldness inward.  Now that I have freed myself and shared some of my vision with others, they actually have a greater understanding of who I am.  Oh, to be known.