Danielle's Story: Follow Those Nudges

I had the opportunity to minister to a lady named Tameka! After feeling prompted to go to Dillard’s with my friend, I just knew I was going to run into someone to give prophetic word of encouragement. As we walked around, no one was being highlighted to me. Before I was about to give up, I noticed this lovely lady looking at the purses. I had seen her when we first came in, but then realized that she was the one I was supposed to talk to. 

As I saw her, I didn’t really have anything for her, but I knew I was supposed to talk to her. I walked up and introduced myself and as I did that, I instantly got a prophetic word of encouragement for her. I felt that God wanted her to know that He was going to restore some family relationships and that she was a good mother, specifically to her daughter. As I kept sharing what I felt like the Lord had given me for her, I could not read her face at all. I wasn’t sure if she was receiving the word or confused or ready to leave. Finally, I got to the end of what I felt like the Lord had for her and she asked if she could give feedback. 

When she was giving me feedback, she said how accurately I heard from the Lord and that she was encouraged by what He had given me for her. After the good feedback, we continued to talk about spirituality and hearing God speak to us. It was a great time of connecting and I could really tell she was really touched by God. 

It would have been so easy not to walk up to her since the prompting that I felt from God wasn’t a huge outstanding push or shove. I basically had a little nudge from Him and then was obedient and she was impacted by His love. I would encourage our readers to follow those small nudges and be bold! God will be right by your side when you choose to partner with Him and step out to bring encouragement!