Danielle's Story: Pushing Through the Struggle

by: Danielle Helson | @daniellexhelson

The other day, my co-workers and I decided to work off campus. We had a plan to go to Barista Parlor, but at the last minute we decided to go to Starbucks because it was convenient. When we walked in, I noticed a man working on his computer and I felt like the Lord gave me a prophetic word of encouragement for him. The word I got was concerning his business and was very very specific. 

Since the word was very specific, I was scared to tell him what I felt like God told me for him. I am not sure why I tend to get scared when the words are more specific, but I was STRUGGLING! Since I was struggling, I decided to write down the word to just hand to him without having to talk to him. Though that was my "chicken plan",  I knew what I needed to do! Every time I would get the courage to say something to him, something else would come up for work or there wasn't available seating by him. Since I was having an internal battle about whether or not to tell him what I felt like I heard from God, I made a deal with myself. I told myself "the next time someone next to him gets up... I am going to go over and talk to him". 

About five minutes after telling myself that, the gentlemen to his left got up to leave. I knew this was go time. Though I wasn't sure how to even start a conversation with him, I just got up and walked over to him. I started the conversation with telling him how I am practicing hearing God's voice and that I felt like I had a word of encouragement for him. He said it was fine to share with him. 

 I started to deliver the word,  and he got a huge grin on his face. As I was still struggling with self-doubt, I was convinced in my head that he was about to blow me off because I couldn't tell what kind of smile he had on his face. As I wrapped it up, he asked if he could tell me about his day and how relevant the word was for his current situation. In this moment of feeling relieved, I was so excited about what he had to say! He went on to tell me how he had a meeting earlier that day and how specific phrases that the Lord gave me for him was exactly what he and his board member talked about. After sharing his testimony of God's goodness through this act of boldness, he decided to leave because he felt like he couldn't work since his mind was blown by God!

After hearing about what he was pursuing in life, I was in tears at how great God was. I was amazed that God knew we weren't going to Barista Parlor and how we were going to go to Starbucks and meet LaShane! After LaShane left, I was trying to tell my co-workers what had happened, but there were so many details. I didn't feel like I was doing the story justice! Just I was wrapping up the story with my co-workers, LaShane walked back in and was SO excited because he had read the card that I gave him and he remembered more things he wanted to tell me about the word! I thought it was perfect timing because I thought how it would have been awesome to get a video testimony of God's goodness in LaShane's life but in the emotion of it all I forgot. Since LaShane came back I asked him if he would make a short video and here is what he had to say....

After hearing this wonderful testimony of God's goodness at work in LaShane's life, I was so glad that I pushed through the struggles that I was having with my confidence and went for it! His life was changed for the better that day and so was mine! I would encourage all of our readers to push through your struggle and BE BOLD!!!!