Jared's Story // 5.31.14 // Phoenix,AZ

Great day sitting near the healing banner with Charlee. This morning Charlee had felt like God wanted to touch people who had a condition that doctors say can't be healed. While I was at the bathroom Charlee got to pray for a guy with diabetes. Later on while giving out water, a guy asked us if we could pray for his dad in California that has cancer. Then later a guy asked us for a water and I asked him if he had any pain in his body. He said he did but that it'll go and so I asked him if there's any other thing we could pray for him for. He said he's been restless so we asked him if we could pray for peace and good rest and he said sure. Before we prayed he said "I'm open to anything, I do the spiritual yoga over there ( there's a spiritual yoga place right near us). He said "I feel energy here". So then we prayed peace and rest over him and that God would reveal himself to him in his life. After praying he said "I feel a lot better, the pains leaving (we didn't even pray for that). So then we started talking more about how God heals and he told me he was raised Jewish and we talked about a lot stuff. I told him Jesus loves him and he paused and it was really cool like it was just sinking on him. He was getting ready to go and he said when you would say the word healing I kept getting a tingling on my head. So then we hugged him and I got his number to go to lunch sometime. Anyway it was awesome and he said he really felt better and he had a big smile. Great day.