Danielle's Story // 6.1.14 // Downtown Nashville

As I said before, I was trying out different methods of evangelism. Today I felt like I was supposed to go downtown and hold a sign that said "FREE ENCOURAGEMENT". 

The first spot I went was the beautiful walking bridge downtown Nashville. I sat on a bench and was cordial to the people who walked by as they looked at my sign. A lot of people seemed interested, but was hesitant to stop. I was just about to move locations, when I guy walked up to me and said he would like free encouragement. I asked the Lord for encouraging word for him and told him how much God loved him. He smiled and said "thanks so much".

After that encounter, I felt like I was supposed to walk down to Jack's BBQ on Broadway. I was headed that way. As I was walking, I noticed a lot of guys kept smiling at me and making comments to me about how I looked pretty and instead of being annoyed by that, I felt like it was an opportunity to share God's love with them. 

So these two dudes was eyeballing me and I decided to say hello instead of looking the other way. I think they were shocked that I actually said something to them. I greeted them and asked what their names were. They said their names are Tre and Peachy. I asked them if it was okay that I gave them an encouraging word, and they said it was. So I asked the Lord for a word for them. I gave them what I felt like I was hearing and they both had looks of shock on their faces. They said thank you and that they were encouraged. 

I continued heading towards Jack's BBQ and saw this guy that was right in front of there. I told him that I was walking around encouraging people and asked if I could give him an encouraging word. He said that I could, so I did. After giving him the word he said "Keep encouraging people, hun".

So all in all this new way to evangelize was good. I am not sure how often I will try it, but It was definitely a good experience! God loves to encourage people through us. I would encourage you to ask him how you are supposed to encourage people in your life!