Shannon's Story // 6.11.14 // Trader Joes

I was at TraderJoe's one day busy shopping. I saw a guy that works there who I always notice for some reason. This particular day I hear the Lord say something to me about him. However being busy and a little distracted I think I'll remember to tell the guy later what I saw. Of course as I'm getting ready to walk out of the store I get a text then a call and completely forget my good intentions. I get out of the store get my stuff in the car and hear the Lord give me a little UH-Humm... I go back and forth for a few minutes with the Lord and then decide to go back in and if I see him I'll tell him what I heard. Looking around I don't see him and am about to leave (ready to chicken out) when I spy him in the back corner of the store not looking too busy. I go up to him and say that sometimes I see stuff about people and could I share with him what I saw. He was happy to let me tell him so I did. After I finished I also asked if I could bless him and he was open to that. All in all it was a great experience. He was encouraged and I got a victory over fear!