Sarah's Story // August 2009 // Downtown Nashville

This is a throwback story from our dear friend Sarah! 

"Lolita was on the bus bench by herself. I was looking for anyone who looked “available” to be ministered to and she did. I was already determined that I was going to step out and pray for people that summer night. I had another friend with me as I approached this woman. I found an ice breaker, rather than just interrupt her with “exuse me to do you have any pain in your body?”, I said “are you waiting for the bus?” She said "no". I asked her if she had any pain in her body, and she said “you must have spiritual gifts!” She went on to say that her back hurt and she had been praying for someone to come and pray with her. She was in a car wreck four years prior and it took a lot away from her life, including her memories. Me and my friend prayed for her for restoration of what was stolen and her back to be healed, among other things. We felt the presence of God and her back was healed! She was blessed and so were we."