Danielle's Story // 4.20.14 // GC Prophetic

On the way to church, I was asking the Lord who He wanted me to talk to once I got there. I felt like He was saying that I was to talk to the first School of Supernatural Life student that arrives to our prophetic ministry. I wrote down the word and scripture that I felt like He was sharing with me for this person. 

I felt like He was saying to encourage the person with Galatians 6:9, which says "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." I also felt like He was saying that there was a friend that she was reaching out to and she may not have felt like they were getting anywhere with her friend. I also felt like He was saying that He was proud of her for reaching out to that person.

As I waited for the first School of Supernatural Life student, I was a tid bit nervous of who was going to walk in and who this word was for because it felt kinda specific and I also felt like it was going to be a lady. The first student walked in and she was older than me and really plugged into the church, so I immediately got nervous. 

I pushed through the nervousness and gave her the word. As I delivered the word, she kinda just looked at me with no expression on my face, which made me even more nervous. Once I got to the end, she told me how a particular friend had written her a card the day before and how she was a little apprehensive about it because that relationship had been a little rocky. Then she looked at me teary eyed and told me that this was confirmation that she had been doing the right thing with not giving  up on her friend! 

I was so excited to get this feedback, because I was so intimidated by her because I looked up to her so much. I love that I was able to partner with God and bring confirmation to my friend! God is so good!