Danielle's Story // 4.25.14 // Wal-mart

Every fourth Friday of the month, I host a ministry called Friday Night Lights for our young adult ministry called emanate! Usually we do some training and then split up at go out around town to do some supernatural evangelism. Tonight, it was only me and my friend Amy that showed up, so we decided to do dinner then do some supernatural evangelism!

As we were at dinner, we talked about evangelism and the things that are a bit intimidating about it. We both agreed that praying for people that are visibly unwell is scary at times. Since that was the case, we figured we should step out of our comfort zone and do that tonight!

After dinner, we headed to Whole Foods to see if we saw anyone that was visibly unwell, and there was not one person!! So we headed to Wal-Mart! As we walked around Wal-Mart, we saw a guy with a limp and asked if we could pray for him. He said that he didn't have pain in his body and that he was good! So we moved on. 

As we left that guy, we noticed a woman in an electric wheelchair! We walked up to her and told her how we are walking around and praying for people that we can see are unwell. She got this look on her face and was so excited for us to be talking to her. She told us how she had rededicated her life to the Lord on Easter and how she never comes to Wal-Mart but felt she should tonight for some reason. She said how God sent us straight to her! She ended wanting to hold our hands and pray right there in the jewelry section! We prayed and as we were praying she was getting tears in her eyes and she told us after how we were sent by God to talk to her that night! She was so excited and blessed!

As we were leaving her, we noticed another person in an electric wheelchair! As we walked towards him, we realized that he had a prosthetic leg from the knee down. Me and Amy had already told each other that we were going to pray for him, so there was not chickening out at this point. As we walked up to him, I felt like God was giving me a word of encouragement for him so I shared it. His demeanor totally changed as I gave him the word. When I was finished he gave us feedback and said how that had to have been from God. 

Not only did the word impact him, it impacted his girlfriend! We ended up giving her a word as well, then prayed for her back. She said that she always has back pain but it wasn't hurting at the moment. We went ahead and prayed and asked the Lord to heal her back. 

Tonight was so incredible! I loved stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that are intimidating. God always meets me when I am sharing His love with people! He is always by my side! I would encourage you to figure out something that is a bit scary or intimidating and step out and do it! God is by your side!