Danielle's Story // 3.27.14 // Downtown Franklin

As I was leaving a lunch date with my friend, I noticed this guy doing some sign work. When he caught my eye, I felt like God was saying to give him a word about how He is going to bring hope to a hopeless situation that he is in. The word was very vague to me, but I still decided to step out in boldness and told the guy. At first I wasn’t sure how the guy felt when I gave him the word, but then he smiled and said how he really needed to hear that! 

I was so encouraged when the guy said how he needed to hear that word. I love that God loves that guy so much, that He would put him on my path and give me a word for him!

I would encourage you to pay attention to those little thoughts that pop in your head!! I would have been very easy to dismiss the thought that God gave me, but I am glad I didn’t!!