Danielle's Story // 4.3.14 // Steak n Shake

My dad was doing some sort of installation job at a local recording studio, and wanted to meet me for a late night snack! Since it was so late, the only thing open was either Steak n Shake or IHOP!! Out of the two, he decided on Steak n Shake! I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced Steak n Shake, but it is known for a late night dive with inconsiderate customers. When I was growing up, I had several friends that were servers at Steak n Shake and they always complained that the people who ate there never tipped well or were rude. 

While I was sitting with my dad, I felt like God dropped those conversations in my head about the bad tips and inconsiderate people!. When I asked Him what He wanted me to do, I felt like he was saying to give her a tip that was more than the actual bill and to write her a word of encouragement. 

As I was trying to find cash to tip her, my dad was asking what I was doing and I explained how I felt like I was supposed to tip her well and to leave a little note. As we were walking out, I handed her the note and the money. Once we were walking out of the door, she was glowing with joy and thanked us and told us to have a great night. 

As me and my dad were talking outside, we could see her through the window and her whole demeanor had changed! I loved how one little act of kindness can really impact someone’s life! God is so good!

I would encourage you to ask God how you can partner with His goodness with a random act of kindness!