Danielle's Story // 3.23.14 // Campus Church

While visiting friends in Auburn, I was asked to share a testimony on boldness. I got to share a bit about my journey with trusting God and stepping out in His boldness. I got to share about this blog and how stepping out in boldness is all about God’s love for people. It was a short testimony, but was able to pray for the congregation about growing in boldness and courage! It was such an honor to be able to share a bit about what God is doing in my life! God is so incredible and I love that the journey that I’m on is able to inspire other people!!

After church, we went out to lunch with some of the people that were in the service that morning. A lady was telling me how she was so inspired to hear stories of God’s goodness! I was so touched that God allows me to partner with Him to be able to inspire people to love well! 

I would encourage you to share what God has made you to do!! Change your culture!!!