Danielle's Story // 3.22.14 // Earth Fest

So I had the awesome privilege to go down to a friend’s church in Auburn, Alabama to help facilitate evangelism booth at an event called Earth Fest. I loved the opportunity to do this because I really love “earthy”/”treehugger” people. I love how they are so open to things spiritually and are usually looking for more of spirituality, so I feel like they are perfect people to share God’s goodness with!

At our tent, we we offering prayer for physical healing, creating prophetic art, giving words of encouragement and asking God for interpretation of dreams. It was really neat, because I am so used to going to people to share God’s love, but people were coming to us! It was CRAZY! I loved seeing how people who may not have believed in God at all were getting touched by His goodness and kindness! 

I ended up being able to talk to at least 40-50 people that day and it was incredible!! I was a bit hesitant about dream interpretation and already made up in my mind how I was going to avoid the prophetic art at all cost. Those were the two areas I got the most positive and encouraging feedback in! It was crazy! Again, I chose to take a risk in boldness and God totally backed me up! Though it was intimidating and a bit scary at times, I felt God supporting me the whole time! He really helped a sista out!




One of the biggest highlights for me of the whole time we at Earth Fest was getting to talk to a group of people from Tuskegee University. I kept seeing this particular group of people throughout the day and really felt like I was supposed to talk to them. Finally they walked past our tent and I thought how it was a perfect opportunity to talk to them! Me and some other team went into drawing prophetic art and giving them words of encouragement! One by one you could see how the people were getting encouraged through the gasps and tears that were happening. They all knew each other well, so they knew each other’s history and stories, so they knew how God was talking through us to their friends! We had the opportunity to call out the truth in their lives and their identity! I was really really excited and touched by how much God had to say to them through us! I loved partnering with God and sharing such kind words!


Spending the day at Earth Fest really reminded me to dare to be brave. I just think about how I was really really scared to do prophetic art and wanted to avoid it at all cost, but then God used the simple pictures that I drew to really impact people’s lives!