Danielle's Story // 3.14.14 // Opry Mills

Today was a GREAT day! I woke up really feeling like I should go to Opry Mills and share God’s love with people! I journaled a bit and asked God what His game plan for the day was and I felt like I heard Him say to go to Opry Mills and share His love with the employees that I come in contact with. I wasn’t sure what that should look like, so I just asked Him to highlight stores that I should go to. As He was highlighting stores for me to go to, I felt like He would give me a picture of who He wanted me to talk to. As I was getting this revelation, I started to write the kinds words I was hearing down on a notecard. I ended up getting 10 different locations with an employee at each place! I got finished writing the words and headed off for a day of God’s love and SHOPPING!!! 

As I drove to the mall, I really felt like I was to have a time of prayer and worship in the car! It was so SWEET! I just felt God’s kindness the whole time and I felt like He was thanking me for partnering with His love! I felt like during this time of worship and prayer that He wanted me to bless the girl that I was going to come in contact with at Forever 21. I felt like He wanted me to give her a word about His provision and to bless her with $50. I am not opposed to blessing people financially, but it is a bit weird to do that out of the context of church. Generally people don’t just walk around handing people money while they are working at the mall! Instead of questioning Him, I chose to say yes to what God was saying! 

Forever 21 ended up being the first store that I got to go to! I was excited but a bit scared of giving someone money outside of church or homeless people on the street! As I was walking around Forever 21 looking for the person God highlighted to me, I started getting a bit discouraged. I could not find the clues that He gave me (Asian woman employee). I looked and I looked and at the point of calling it quits and coming back later, I found the asian girl employee! I got super excited but then really apprehensive!

I walked up to her thinking I would very sneakily hand her the written word of encouragement and the $50 then walk away. God definitely had something else in mind! As I handed her the notecard and the money, I told her that I felt like I was supposed to give her a word of encouragement and that I hoped she had a wonderful rest of her work day! She took the card and money and looked up at me and asked me how did I know to do this. How did I know to talk to her and give her a word about finances and why I gave her the money as I did. I then got to explain to her how I felt like God said I was going to meet an Asian woman employee at the Forever 21 in Opry Mills. By this point in the conversation, she was starting to get big tears in her eyes!

She then went on to say how she is a believer and how she has been crying out to God about her job and financial situartion and how she wanted Godly people to be in her life. Then she said how I was an answer to her prayers and that she was in shock of how much God loved her. She couldn’t believe that God would send me to her this way. We ended up exchanging information so then we could meet up and talk some more. 

As I left Forever 21, I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness. I was overwhelmed by His love for His children. He loved her so much to whisper to me to go shopping at Opry Mills and talk to her by describing what she looked like! I am so happy I chose to say yes to what He said to do! I feel like the Asian girl now knows how much her Heavenly Father loves her! Yay GOD!!!

After Forever 21, I had nine more places to go! It was really awesome. Some people really loved getting encouragement and some people looked shocked that God had kind things to say to them! I got some hugs and high fives, and felt that God really encouraged people that day! 

This story is a perfect example of choosing to say yes to God! He whispers things to us all the time and He is looking for His children to trust Him and say YES! I would encourage you to step out in boldness and SAY YES!!