Gabe's Story // 2.28.14 // Food Court

About a month ago my small group went on a scavenger hunt to the mall. I got Julio, Food court, misses his family. Ryan Rode with me and he got Orange Julius as his name. before we left, I made a statement along the lines of “I never find the person I’m looking for.” Zach called it out as an ungodly belief, so I repented for it, and we were on our way to the mall as I sang a song about being on a mission for a Mexican guy named Julio. 


We got to the mall and I went to the Mexican restaraunt  in the food court to ask them if a guy named Julio worked there. It was a good chance to practice my Spanish. They said Julio didn’t work there but I got a chance to tell them about the school and ask them if they needed prayer for anything. They were super cool. Then they told me that a guy named Julio worked as a janitor in the food court, but he wasn’t there that day. I was like ok sweet, I’ll come back some other time and try to track him down. 


Later that night I realized that Ryan and I probably got the same person because he got Orange Julius and I got Julio. Julius is probably as close to you can get to Julio in English.

I went back to the mall a couple of weeks later and asked my homies at the restaraunt if Julio was working. They said yes and pointed him out to me from across the cafeteria. I went over and started talking to him. At first he was very confused and thought that we had a mutual friend. Eventually I explained to him that God had told me about him. I also told him that I felt God was saying that he missed his family. Julio said “bastante!” or “so much!”. He said that he is here. But his wife and daughters had to go back to Mexico for medical reasons. I think he felt good to know that God knew him and cared about him enough to send a stranger to encourage him. God is good.