Danielle's Story // 2.2.14 // GC Prophetic Ministry

I’ve been asking God to help me grow in the area of getting names from him. It seems like when I do a traditional treasure hunt, I get everything on the list except for names. It’s kinda a bummer because I really enjoy calling people by name. When you call a person by name, it is showing that you value them and that they are known. 

Anyway, with all that being said, I really have been leaning into growing in that area. On the way to work, I asked God for a name of a person that I would meet in the hallway while administrating the prophetic ministry. I felt like He said Caroline and I thought to myself, that isn’t a very generic name that I would have thought of myself, so it must be God. I also felt like she would have a black shirt on with brown hair. When I got to the church, I did my usual set up routine and I glanced at the prophetic ministry list and that was a Caroline on it! Wooo Hooo! I was so excited! I felt like I had breakthrough in this area! I was so full of faith and knew God’s goodness was about to rock this Caroline person.

Right then I got one of my #cultivateboldness card and wrote down what I felt like I was hearing. I felt like I was hearing turning a new leaf and a specific area of scripture in the Message version of the bible. It was very new for me to get specific scriptures with a specific translation of the bible. I thought it was super cool though!

About thirty minutes later, prophetic ministry began. People were filling the hall to receive an encouraging word from the Lord through our team. As people came, I felt excited to see what this Caroline person looked like. I saw a woman with a black shirt on and brown hair and it was CAROLINE!!! I was so pumped that God told me where, when, her name and what she was wearing! YAY GOD!

I asked her if I could talk to her because I felt like God wanted me to. I gave her the background of asking God about her name and her appearance. She seemed to be blessed just from that alone. I went on and shared the turning of the new leaf word with her and the scripture. She was teary eyed and said thank you and how it blessed her so much and how it was needed. 

I just love how God let me partner with Him with this! I really really thought it was so cool how I was receiving revelation differently this morning. I think it’s neat that He is speaking more specifically and that I am able to hear that! I love seeing God pour out His goodness in everyday life through ordinary people!