Danielle's Story // 2.4.14 // Burger Up

So on the way to work this morning, I asked God for an appearance of a person that He wanted me to encourage today. I felt like He showed me a pair of black classic Chuck Taylors! I didn’t write it down due to driving, so I actually kinda forgot about it. 

After work, I walked into the chiropractor and saw a girl from work wearing a pair of black classic Chucks. I got super excited! I told her that she was my treasure and she was pumped! Since the chiropractor was about to close, i rushed through my routine and totally forgot to give her the words. 

After the chiropractor, a group of us decided to go to Burger Up for dinner and she was there. I remembered that I actually never gave her a word, so I did over dinner! She seemed encouraged by it and jotted down her word on her phone!

I am so glad that God kept reminding me that He spoke to me early that morning! I am glad my friend was encouraged and that I could partner with God’s goodness!