Danielle's Story // 1.24.14 // Cool Spring Galleria Food Court

As I was leading our outreach called Friday Night Lights, I was looking for someone with the following clues:

  • Appearance: red shirt, black pants
  • Area of Prayer: Loneliness

It seemed like we walked around the mall for forever and I didn’t see anyone with a red shirt and black pants. I finally saw someone with that combo, then realized that all the custodial staff at the food court had that on! At that moment, I asked God to highlight the person I was supposed to talk to! 

I felt like He highlighted this girl, so I went up to her and told her how we were on a treasure hunt looking for someone in a red shirt and black pants. She was like yep, that’s me! So I explained what I was doing and told her how I felt like God gave me a word for her about how she’s going to be seen and known. After I gave her the word, she was like OMG you pretty much described my whole life. She seemed to be in shock and awe of God knowing her. 

As I was giving her the word, I felt a sharp pain in my left knee all of a sudden. It didn’t really make sense that my knee all of a sudden started hurting and then I realized that God was trying to talk to me! When I finished giving her the word and she was in awe of God’s goodness, I asked if she had any pain in her body, specifically in her left knee. She laughed and was like OMG! I took her reaction as a yes! I told her how I was completely healed food allergies and told her God could completely heal her of any pain that was in her knees. I asked her if I could pray and she said yes! I led her through the four line prayer and again she had a look of shock on her face! I asked her if she felt better and she said that pain was gone in her knee! YAY GOD! I was super excited and in awe of God’s goodness! 

She wanted to know what church I went to, so I gave her some details about our church! Overall I felt so good knowing that God loves that girl so much that He would give me clues to find her on a specific night in a specific location! God’s so good!