Danielle's Story // 11.9.13 // Target

Prior to going to Target, I asked God for some more clues! I felt like I heard:

  • Name: Marie/ Anne Marie
  • Needs: Happiness
  • Appearance: Purple, brown boots
  • Random: Umbrella, sports

Again, I walked around getting the things I needed. I went past the sports and umbrella sections and didn’t see anyone with purple or brown boots. I kept looking everywhere and finally I found a girl wearing a purple shirt and brown boots. I politely said excuse me and explained how I was on a treasure hunt. She was like cool! And so I showed her my clues. She was like sorry, none of this means anything to me. I was blessed her and was on my way! I chose not to get bummed about that because there was at least someone in Target when I was there with a purple shirt and brown boots on! 

After talking to the purple shirt girl, I decided to check out. When I saw my check out lady, I chose to take a risk and ask her if she had any pain in her body. She said she didn’t and then asked me why I asked her that. I explained how I believed that I believe that God still heals people today and how I have seen people get healed while I’ve been out and about shopping. “She was like oh okay! Maybe next time!” Then I was on my way!