Danielle's Story // 11.9.13 // Best Buy

Before going to Best Buy, I asked God for some clues for a person He wanted me to encounter! I felt like I heard:

  • Name: Matt
  • Needs: Healing from a sports injury
  • Appearance: Brown Hair, Glasses
  • Random: Cars

I usually don’t ever go to Best Buy, but I needed to see if they had an iPhone in stock so I decided to go! I have now decided that I probably won’t go to Best Buy on a Saturday ever again! It was CRAZY busy! As I walked around through the hustle and bustle, there were several guys with brown hair and glasses. 

Since there were a lot of people with the clues that I had, I asked God to highlight one of them so I could talk to them. I felt like he highlighted the guy that checks your receipts at the door. Unfortunately he is a super busy dude, so I didn’t really think it was honoring to disrupt him. When people are busy or they have a type of job where they can’t be bothered, I tend to write a note and hand it to them. When you do this, the person can read it at their leisure without it effecting their work! 

I wrote what I felt like God was saying and included the 4 line healing prayer for if he was experiencing any pain in his body. I was super vulnerable and left our website’s email address if he had any feedback. I haven’t heard anything yet, but hopefully we do!