Danielle's Story // 11.10.13 // Grace Center

I work for a church called Grace Center, so I am at church for several hours on a Sunday. Knowing that, I figured I wouldn’t really go anywhere that day so I asked God to give me a word for someone at church. I felt like He gave me a word for someone wearing a red shirt. 

The word he gave me was about how this person was going to experience surprises in their life and that they are worth God lavishing His love on them! 

After getting into the service after facilitating prophetic ministry, I scanned the room for a red shirt. I found two people with red shirts on. I asked God which person the word was for and He chose the person I really didn’t want Him to choose because I knew her personally. 

I find it much easier to talk to strangers, but I was obedient to what I felt like I was hearing. I took a picture of the word that I had written down and sent it to her.  I didn’t want to disrupt her worship, so I sent her a text so she could read the word whenever she wanted. A few minutes later she texted me back saying thank you for the word and how it was awesome!

I was so glad that I got to partner with God and brighten her day!