Danielle's Story // 11.10.13 // Deals

Sunday afternoon, our roommate, Carrie, had some homework to do for the school she’s doing called the School of Supernatural Life. Her homework assignment was to “This week, practice this with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Try to avoid using “christianese” language, so that you can be prepared to give anyone a word of encouragement, no matter what their background is.  Throughout the week, try to give at least one (or two!) people a word, pray for healing, or lead them to the Lord. Then, in your journal, write down your experience.  HAVE FUN!” 

Since she needed to do her homework, I asked if I could come along. She agreed that I could come along with her. I let her pick where we were to go. She decided we were to go to Big Lots first. Knowing that, I asked God for some clues. I felt like I heard the following:

  • Appearance: Blue Shirt
  • Need: Healing in knees
  • Location: Dishes/ House stuff
  • Word: Just like the leaves are changing, you are too!

We walked around Big Lots and I never found my blue shirt person, so we decided to go next door to Deals. As we were walked through Deals, I spotted a lady in a blue shirt. I got super excited and walked up to her. I explained that we were on a treasure hunt. I asked her if she was experiencing pain in her knees and she said yes. She said it was her legs in general because of arthritis. As she was saying this I realized that we were standing in the dishes section. I got super excited, and shared how that was another clue on our list! She agreed to us praying through the four line prayer with her. She repeated it after me and I asked her if she could feel a difference and she said she didn’t then. Her faith level was super high and she believed she would be healed! I just prayed over her and blessed her. As I was doing that, I felt like I was supposed to give her that word that I wrote down about the leaves changing and how she was in transition. She seemed to receive the word! At this time, Carrie chimed in with a word as well about God taking her higher like in a hot air balloon. 

The lady was really blessed and she wanted to give us both a hug! We hugged it out and went on our merry way! God is so good! She was super blessed and He knew we were going to come in contact with her that night!