Danielle's Story // 11.10.13 // Wal-Mart

So Carrie and I head to Wal-Mart after our fun time with our lady in the blue shirt! Our clues for Wal-Mart were:

  • Appearance: Black Leggings
  • Name: Starts with a L
  • Need: Healing for tooth pain
  • Random: Rainbows

We started grocery shopping and looking for people in black leggings. Surprisingly, there were not many people in black leggings! We found two girls both wearing black leggings. We told them how we had clues for a treasure hunt so we asked them if their names started with an L, they said no and we moved on. 

We continued shopping around and came across two more girls with black leggings on. Again, we told them how we were on a treasure hunt and asked if their names started with an L. Again, they said no. So we continued! 

We we were walking through frozen food section, we saw this woman with black leggings on and I knew God was highlighting her. Her name did not start with L, but we still gave her a word. I gave her a word about God surprising her. Then Carrie had a word about bubbles and that she was with kids and the woman said how she’s a teacher! That was great confirmation for Carrie! 

After giving her words, I asked if she had any pain in her body, specifically her foot and she said she did. I explained how God still heals today and if she wanted to repeat the four lined prayer after me she could. I said the prayer, but she didn’t repeat it. You can see her really processing what was happening though. She didn’t say wether or not she has gotten healed. She did say that we made her night! Yay God!