Danielle's Story // 11.11.13 // Grace Center

After having a fantastic talk with a friend at dinner, I was super pumped about sharing God’s love with someone. I just so happened to be going to our Monday night young adult ministry called emanate. Prior to emanate, I am responsible for facilitating our weekly prophetic ministry. While I was setting up, I asked God for some clues for the person He wanted me to come in contact with and I felt like I got the following:

  • Location: Grace Center
  • Appearance: Black sweater
  • Word: I felt like God was saying that there’s a particular area that you are wanting breakthrough in and I felt like He was saying that something is about to break off in your life in order for you to walk in the fullness of your breakthrough. (I pictured a dam being blocked by one little rock and God’s hand plucked it out of the way and then the water started flowing!)

So as I was starting prophetic ministry, I realized that one of the lovely small group leaders from SOSL walked in and she had a black sweater on. As a small group leader of SOSL, you are responsible for being a mentor on our prophetic team. What I didn’t realize was that this particular small group leader didn’t feel comfortable with being a mentor due to some unfortunate mishaps with the prophetic. 

It was an unusual night in prophetic because we ended up sending mentors away because we had too many. The particular small group leader almost got out of being a mentor, but then I needed her! Little did I know that this decision was going to play into the word I gave her later on. 

While we were putting away all the prophetic ministry materials at the end of the night, I realized I never gave that small group leader her word. I stopped and gave her the word and she started to tear up and told me the whole back story of her mishap with the prophetic and how its been an area where she wants to grow. And how tonight the word and actually serving really helped with healing her in this area! Yay God! You are so good and so strategic!!! Amazing!!

Oh and she also added that someone gave her a similar word to mine while we were playing our warm up games at prophetic ministry! I love how God loves confirming His plans and thoughts for us!