Danielle's Story // 11.11.13 // Pain in Right Shoulder

After prophetic ministry, I made my way to worship at emanate. During worship, I felt like God was giving me a word of knowledge about someone experiencing pain in their right shoulder. Since I am on staff it would not be abnormal for me to lean up to a pastor telling them that I had a word of knowledge, but I chose not to because I most definitely chickened out! Slightly disappointed in myself, I continued worshipping. The whole service went by and at the end one of our pastors was calling for our ministry team. 

As she was doing this, I felt like God was telling me to tell her my word of knowledge, but again I started chickening out. Just as I was chickening out, she looked at me like she needed an announcement from me. I immediately told her that I had a word of knowledge about right shoulder pain. It was so funny how she thought I had to say something to her because if that didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t have said anything. 

After she dismissed the service, she walked up to me and was like your word of knowledge is for me! I was shocked but then went in to praying for her shoulder. She said that she could feel something drop and that she felt better. Not one hundred percent, but much better! Yay God!