Danielle's Story // 11.12.13 // School of Supernatural Life

I love getting to work super early so I can get a peaceful start to my day! This particular morning I felt like God was giving me two set of clues. They are the following:

  • Location: SOSL
  • Appearance: Cream Shirt and Brown Hair
  • Word: Head to heart transfer and how this person made the right decision to come to the school though the odds were against them


  • Location: SOSL
  • Appearance: stripes, straight hair
  • Word: How God was going to help this person answer the “hard questions” through growing their relationship together

As I was setting up for the day, one of our staff members walked in wearing a striped shirt. When my brain made the connection that she was wearing a striped shirt, I realized how her hair was straight (which normally her hair is more wavy than straight!). I walked up to her and told her how she was my treasure and shared the word with her! We both agreed that the word was just for her and how it was so cool that at the time I wrote down the word, she was just leaving her house! God is amazing! I love the attention to details with this story! I love that her hair was straight! So cool!

After finding my first treasure, students started checking in for the morning sessions. Worship was well under way and I realized that there was a student wearing a cream colored sweater and she had brown hair! She was the only one in the room with these clues on! During the short break between worship and teaching, I walked up to her and told her how she was my treasure! I shared the word that I felt like I had for her and she said how it was regarding one of the first things she’s ever journalled about in the school! Yay for confirmation!