Danielle's Story // 11.13.13 // Five Guys

I decided to go out to dinner with my BFF’s family and they decided to go to Five Guys. On the way to Five Guys I asked God for some clues for a person that I was to encounter. I felt like He gave me:

  • Location: Five Guys
  • Appearance: Black Shirt and Brown Hair
  • Word: Season of dreams coming true and how it was going to be effortless

Since my BFF’s family is down with treasure hunting, we all scoped out the door when people walked in to see if we saw a person with a black shirt and brown hair. In the whole time we sat there we only saw one other lady besides Kylie’s brother with a black shirt on. I was going to say something to her, but she left in a hurry! Just as I was getting bummed about her leaving in a hurry, I saw this young guy with a black top on with brown hair. I knew he was the one! 

After ordering he ordered his food, he and his friend walked over the the drink station. I was walking over there as well to get a refill so I struck up a conversation! I told them how I was on a treasure hunt and that he had two of my clues. He seemed interested so I gave him the word I felt like God had given me. His friend’s face was hysterical because as I was giving him the word she would look at him then look at me and then laugh! Once I finished giving him the word, I started to catch up with the rest of the Kylie’s family and just so happened to be walking behind the guy I just gave the word to. Around the same time all three of us realized that Dream On by Aerosmith was playing in the back groud. We all just looked at each other and laughed! The whole theme of his word was about dreams fulfilled! SO FUNNY!!! I love it!