Danielle's Story // 11.13.13 // TJ Maxx

After our fun at Five Guys, we went to TJ Maxx down the way. I was trying to help Kylie’s little bro, Jaron, step out in confidence with hearing God’s voice so the three of us did a joint treasure hunt. I challenged Jaron to ask God the following things…

  1. As God for an appearance of a person we are to talk to
  2. As God for a location within TJ Maxx where we will find this person

He asked God those simple questions and got the following!

  • Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair, female
  • Location: Bedding

And then I added to his revelation with:

  • Word: I felt like God wanted to restore her hope

We walked around searching for that birthday gift and made our way to the bedding section. When we got to the bedding section, we saw a TJ Maxx employee that had the shoulder length blonde hair. We walked up to her and told her how we were on a treasure hunt and how she had two of our clues. She seemed interested so I gave her the word I heard about hope and then Kylie jumped in with a word about being seen!

After we gave her the words, she shared how she just cut off her hair and that if we saw her a few days earlier the clues wouldn’t have matched her. We left feeling super pumped and it seemed she did as well! 

I was so proud of Jaron! He truly stepped out by asking God those two simple questions! How can you step out today!?!