Danielle's Story // 11.13.13 // Starbucks

After TJ Maxx we decided to end our treasure hunting night with a cup of tea (well coffee for them!). We headed over to Starbucks and while we were in the car, I decided to challenge Jaron once again. I asked him to ask God for an appearance and Kylie chimed in with a name, area of need and part of a word. All together we got the following:

  • Location: Starbucks
  • Appearance: Green shirt and dark brown hair
  • Need: Healing for ribcage and arm
  • Word: Wisdom, launching

As soon as we walked into Starbucks, all three of us noticed this guy with dark brown hair with a green shirt sitting in the corner of the room! This was AMAZING, the only catch was that he was studying with headphone on and the whole being in the corner thing!! It’s always slightly awkward to interrupt someone while it’s very apparent they want to be left alone! The three of us ordered our drinks and chatted a bit. The whole time we were checking to see if he had taken off his headphones or got up to stretch his legs… no luck! He took off his headphones for a second then put them right back on! Bummer!

Since this was the case, we decided to write his word on a piece of scrap paper and put it on his table. This seemed like the least invasive way to talk to him!

Me and Kylie wrote out our words for him and I delivered it to him! I put my hand on his table and he looked up at me. I went on to tell him that we had an encouraging word for him and that we wrote it down so we didn’t have to take too much of his time! He smiled and thanked me!

I have no idea if the word meant anything to him, but I am trusting that we heard from God!