Danielle's Story // 11.14.13 // Comcast Customer Service

My husband and I have recently moved to our new home. Little did I know, moving and hooking up new internet ended up being a bit challenging. I seem to be best friends with Comcast these days. Comcast called me for the third time this week so I was on the phone with a random customer service representative yet again! She was super pleasant on the phone and managed to get everything straightened out for me! At the end of our conversation, they are to ask if they can help with anything else and I immediately felt like I was supposed to ask her if she had any pain in her body. I asked and she said no and asked why. I explained to her how I believed that God still heals people today and how I have seen Him fo many miracle in the midst of every day life! She seemed to be intrigued. Since I felt like I had an open door with her, I asked God for an encouraging word. I felt like He wanted to share with her that He sees her and that she is not overlooked. 

The Comcast customer service representative responded to this word with you have made my day and it’s good to know that God still uses people to speak through! I thought that that was such a cool response! Yay for being able to partner with God!