Danielle's Story // 11.14.13 // Starbucks

As I was leaving work, I realized that I had not eaten lunch so I decided to go to Starbucks for a quick snack! I felt like I should go through the drive through though the line was absolutely ridiculous! As I was sitting there, I was God why He wanted me to go through the drive through line versus going inside and I felt like He wanted me to pay for the girl’s drink that was behind me in line. Not only did I feel like I was supposed to buy her a drink, I felt like I was supposed to give her a word. I wrote the word down on a piece of scrap paper and handed to the Starbucks employee and asked him to give it to her when he told that her drink was free! He agreed to do so! 

Again, this is one of those circumstances where I have no idea what happens after the employee gave her the paper. I left our site’s email address on it, but I have yet to hear a response! Oh well! We shall see what happens!