Danielle's Story // 11.24.13 // Grace Center

Before work this morning, I asked God for some clues for my treasure that I would find today! I felt like He said:

  • Location: Work
  • Appearance: Blonde hair and striped sweater
  • Word: Stand on past promises, rainbow with gold at the end after a storm

So as I was doing my normal morning work routine, I was starting to get a little bummed because I could not find my treasure. I looked everywhere…. and there was NO ONE is a striped shirt with blonde hair! 

As I was running our prophetic ministry, a woman who was scheduled to speak at SOSL the next day walked up and wanted to sign up for prophetic ministry. As she walked away to find her hubby, I realized she was my treasure… .blonde hair and a striped shirt!! 

All of a sudden I got a bit nervous, because she flew to our school to speak and here I was supposed to give her a word. Though it was a little intimidating, I was bold and went for it! When she came back to go into the room for prophetic ministry, I delivered what I felt like God was saying. She said how she was blessed by it! 

It was so weird feeling intimidated… I guess it was her title, but once I gave her the word, I realized she’s just like everyone else! She too can be blessed by a word from God from a stranger she encounters randomly through her day!