Danielle's Story // 11.26.13 // Grace Center

So again, I asked God for some clues before work for the people that I would encounter during the day! I felt like He said the following:

  • Location: Work
  • Need: Knee Pain
  • Word: Things are about to shift
  • Appearance: Woman, brown hair (maybe a particular pastor on staff)

I started my day this morning, and my clues were slightly vague so I really relied on Holy Spirit to highlight the particular person. As I walked into our weekly admin meeting, I noticed a particular person on staff and I felt like I was supposed to pray for her knees. 

I showed her my list and she was okay with me praying for her. She said that earlier that morning, she could hardly even touch her knees because they were in so much pain. I prayed for her after our meeting was over. 

She did not feel a big difference then, but I told her I would check in later. When I checked in with her, she said how her knees weren’t hurting as badly! Yay God!

Later in the day, I was at another meeting where that particular pastor was. I told her how I felt like God gave me a word for her this morning and so I emailed it to her after our meeting. She responded with “That’s amazing!!!! Spot on dear friend!”. So that was super encouraging as well!

I love being able to partner with God’s goodness throughout my work day! It is always so encouraging and makes my day brighter!!!