Danielle's Story // 11.22.13 // PacSun

As Friday Night Lights was coming to an end, the girls that were with me wanted to step out and give someone a word. While we were in PacSun, I found a super cute car charger for my new phone! When we were standing in line to check out, I told one of the girls to ask God for an encouraging word for the cashier. 

When we got up to check out, the cashier was super nice! We struck up a conversation with him and before leaving, we told him that we had an encouraging word for him. I started with the word I felt like I was hearing for him and then one of the girls chimed in with a word she felt like she was hearing! He seemed blessed by it. 

Right as we were wrapping up, some other people from our group arrived! They started talking to us and my friend ended up buying something and was checking out with the same dude. When I went up to the cashier with her, the dude was asking us what church we go to and why we went out and did this. 

We explained how we love encouraging people and bringing a message of love and hope to people! He was super down and said how he was down with the J-Man! Hahahah! So funny! 

Overall our PacSun experience was awesome! New phone charger and telling people about Jesus! Yay!