Danielle's Story // 12.10.13 // Cashier from Starbucks

So I got some really cool feedback from two different people from the girl cashier from Starbucks on 12.10.13. I got a text from a friend that works with the cashier at Starbucks and she gave me the following feedback:

"Hey Danielle! That note you left for my barista named ****** really touched her heart. She said to tell you that you were right on and she was so encouraged :)"

"Jesus moves powerfully through you!"

And then I was at church the Sunday after I gave this girl a word and another one of her friends said how she was really moved by the word she got and how she was thankful that I shared it with her!

YAY GOD! I love getting feedback, because it is so cool to see how God moves in people’s lives and it is cool to know that God lets me partner with Him to encourage people!!!