Danielle's Story // 2.13.14 // Employee from Whole Foods

So back on 2.13.14, I was able to share an encouraging word with an employee at Whole Foods! Again, I just wrote down the word on a card and gave it to him! I have ran into him a few times while grocery shopping and he’s always said hi! This week, I was at Whole Foods doing a bit of work, and that particular employee walked up to where I was sitting and addressed me by my name. I was a little thrown off, because he know my name, but then remembered that I signed my name to the word I gave him. 

He continued to tell me how he has revisited that word very often when he needs encouragement. He said how he knew it was from God and how he can tell that I am hearing God’s voice! I was so encouraged by this testimony. I love how he said he revisits the word to get encouragement from God! Woo Hoo! This is so good!