Danielle's Story // 6.1.14 // CVS

After church, I decided that I wanted to try out a new way of evangelism. I thought I would make a sign and sit downtown and see if people would come up to me, instead of me going to them! 

Since it was a spur of the moment type plan, I did not have any supplies to make a sign. On the way downtown, I stopped at CVS in Green Hills. As I pulled in, I noticed that there was a man that sold the Contributor (a newspaper that benefits the homeless of Nashville). I thought to myself how I wanted to buy him a drink or something since it was so hot outside!

As I went into the store, I kinda of lost track of him while I was looking for supplies to make my poster. Even though I lost him, I went ahead and started to check out. As I was finishing up, he came up behind me in line to check out. I asked him if I could pay for his drink, and he was "God sent a blessing my way! I'm so thankful".

At that moment, I really felt like I was supposed to give him a word of encouragement, but I totally chickened out because there was a long line formed behind us! As soon as I finished buying him his drink, I told him to have a good day and went to my car. He too went outside to his belongings.

Once I got in my car, I was having this internal battle about getting out of my car and giving him the word of encouragement that I felt the Lord wanted me to give him. I finally got the courage to do so and I went to find him around the corner. 

Once I found him, he told me his name is Clint and I gave him the word of encouragement about family restoration. As I was finishing up the word, he was like "You hit the nail right on the head, right on the head, right on the head! You are hearing from the Lord!"

I just prayed a prayer of blessing over him and we went our separate ways. He was so thankful and kept saying how he was glad we crossed paths!