Danielle's Story // 5.30.14 // The Mall at Green Hills

Tonight I went with a group of people from Friday Night Lights to the Mall at Green Hills. We were doing a treasure hunt looking for people with the following:

  • Location: Nordstrom, Jewelry
  • Appearances: Black shirt
  • Ailment: Hand, hope for personal situation
  • Something Unusual: Sparkly necklace, white dog

As we walked into Nordstrom, we headed straight to the jewelry department. As we were walking up, I saw a girl with a black shirt who was looking at a sparkly necklace! I knew that she was the person we were to talk to! We walked up to her, told her what we we were doing and encouraged her with a prophetic word. After bringing her encouragement, we ended up giving her friend a word too! Before we walked away, I felt like I was supposed to ask if either of them needed healing. 

When I asked, the second girl was like "Oh you need to pray for my mom" and she started shouting to her mother to come join us! Once her mom came over to us, we explained what we were doing and asked if we could pray for her. She went on to tell us that she was going to go for a pain retreat because she has awful pain from fibromyalgia. Once she told us her story, we prayed a simple four lined prayer with her and once the prayer was over, she had a look of shock on her face and started crying! She was shaking her hands and stomping her feet and said how the pain is almost all gone, there was just a tidbit in her knee. She was amazed by God's goodness and told us how she had tried so many other things in the past and they had never worked like this. 

We ended up writing down the prayer for her and she said how she was going to share it at the pain retreat! God is so INCREDIBLE! I love how her life was radically touched and changed by God's love!

We ended up giving a few others encouraging words that night! I was so touched by God's love for people! He is so awesome to meet people where they are and love them through things!