Danielle's Story // 4.9.14 // Starbucks

So this year, I have been quite the procrastinator with filing my taxes. I have been a bit overwhelmed with doing it, but I finally did them. Every year, my hubby and I get our friend to check over our taxes. 

Before I left to meet with her, I felt like the Lord told me to give her a word of encouragement. I felt like He was saying to that He wanted to remind her of His goodness in this current season that she’s in. I felt like He was highlighting Genesis 1:27 to share with her. I read that scripture over her and just continued to talk with her.

She said that she was really encouraged by this reminder that God told me to share with her and said she really needed those words of affirmation! 

I was so excited to be able to pass along all the kind words that God had for my friend. I love how He meets us just where we are!