Josh's Story // 4.10.14 // Rocketown

I went out on a limb last night, and asked a girl if I could pray for her legs. She had asked for prayer for some emotional pain that she was struggling with and also mentioned she has scoliosis. Several people started to pray and I felt like I was suppose to ask her if one of her legs was shorter than the other.  I had recently seen a Todd White video, where someone had the same problem and their leg grew out.

I was terrified to ask, but I did anyway. Sure enough her right leg was a good inch and a half shorter than her left leg. I asked Jesus to heal it and commanded it to grow in Jesus name (like I had seen Todd White do) and it grew out!!! I felt it move in my hands!

It was awesome and I give all credit to God. I was freaking out when it happened too. As all of this was happening she said that she felt tingling and she moved and jumped around. She said her back felt so much better.

It was awesome being able to step out and see God heal this girl in a miraculous way!