Danielle's Story // 11.9.13 // Kohls

Since I knew I needed to go to Kohls, I decided to ask God for some clues, so I could share His love while shopping! I felt like He gave me the following clues:

  • Name: David
  • Needs: Healing for bone/joint problems
  • Appearance: Cream long sleeved shirt
  • Random: Polo

The whole reasoning behind going to Kohls was to spend a ten dollar gift card that I had received earlier in the week! I didn’t really need anything in particular, so I just wandered around shopping and looking for a guy in a cream long sleeved shirt. As I was wandering, I saw a guy with a cream long sleeved shirt. Just as I was going to walk up to him, his wife asked his opinion of a dress and he turned around. When that happened, I was like oh… I guess I tried! But then just as I was thinking that, I made a deal with myself of if I see him again I will talk to him. 

I continued wandering around the store, tried some things on and there he was… right in front of me… so I just went for it! I explained how I was on a treasure hunt and how he had a cream long sleeved shirt on and that was one of my clues. Then right as I was saying that, I realized that he had a Polo logo on his shirt so then I got really excited because he had two of my clues! As I continued, he cut me off mid sentence and told me he wasn’t interested in participating.

Oh well! At least I tried! I still heard from God that I would encounter a guy in a cream long sleeved shirt and something concerning polo!