Danielle's Story // 11.9.13 // Starbucks

Before going to Starbucks, I asked God to give me some clues about someone I was going to encounter! I felt like i heard the following:

  • Name: Starts with a J
  • Needs: Financial Breakthrough
  • Appearance: Red Sweater, Brown Hair
  • Random: Newspaper

With that written down in my treasure hunting notebook, I headed to my favorite Starbucks! As soon as I walked in, there was a girl sitting to the right of the ordering line wearing a red sweater and had brown hair. In my gut I knew she was my treasure! The only thing with her being my treasure was that she was sitting with three other people and they seemed to be having a deep conversation! I went ahead and ordered a breakfast sandwich and some tea and read my book. I was trying to not be a creeper, but at the same time trying to listen for a lull in their conversation. Finally one of the girls at the table got up to use the restroom so I decided to say something to my red sweater girl!

I leaned over towards their table and explained how I was on a treasure hunt and that she had two of my clues (red sweater and brown hair). She seemed intrigued, so I continued with my list and asked her if her name started with a J. The look on her face was priceless!!! She was like OMG my name is Jen and his name is Jeremy! Now that I knew what her name started with, she wanted to know how I knew all of this information. I explained to her how God loves her so much He revealed some details so I could find her to give her a word from Him. 

By this time, her friend returned to the restroom and I got to explain to her what had happened. I ended up giving Jen a word that I felt like God wanted me to share with her. She seemed thankful for the word. 

After giving the word to Jen, I asked her and her friends if any of them had pain in their body. The girl that went to the restroom said that she had new blisters on her foot. I explained how God could heal her from any pain that she is experiencing, but she kept saying how it’s too little to ask God for. I wasn’t going to push it with her, so I blessed her and was on my way!

It was so cool to find my brown haired red sweater wearing girl as soon as I walked into Starbucks! It was great confirmation that I was hearing from God!