Danielle's Story // 11.22.13 // Shï

Tonight I led a group of people on treasure hunts for a ministry called Friday Night Lights! It was great! I had the pleasure of teaming up with two girls that have never gone on a treasure hunt before. I loved how eager they were to share God’s love!

Before we went out, we all asked God for some clues. My clues were the following:

  • Location: Cool Springs Galleria, shoes
  • Name: Samantha, Rachel
  • Appearance: Chunky sweater, brown boots
  • Need: digestive issues, cancer
  • Random: Blue car, white dog

So as we split off in teams, me and the two lovely ladies walked passed a shoe store and we all noticed that the girl working there had on a white sweater. The chunky sweater that I saw was white!!! Yay! So we walked into Shï and looked at some shoes. 

One of the guys working there asked if we needed any help and we said no, but that we were on a treasure hunt. I explained how I thought the girl was my treasure because of the sweater and she was located by shoes. I showed her the list and she said that the sweater, boots, and white dog meant something to her. She went on to say that she didn’t have pain in her body.

Once she was shocked by all of the clues matching her, I felt like God was giving her a word of hope and encouragement. After giving her the word, she said that the word meant something to her and that it was relevant! I went on to ask her if she had any pain in her body because I felt Holy Spirit was prompting me to and she was like yeah I have been experiencing some cramps in my stomach! 

I thought this was so funny because she said how they weren’t PMS cramps, more like upset tummy cramps! And then I realized that I had digestive issues on my list. I offered to pray the 4 line prayer with her. She was all bubbly afterwards. When I asked her if she felt any better she said yes, but then kinda seemed overwhelmed by everything.

She seemed super eager to learn more about what just happened so I referred her to this website so she could read more about God’s goodness! We also realized that she goes to the school across from our church and that she has some mutual friends of ours!

She definitely seemed much chipper and happier when we left! Yay God!