NYC Team: Our Thoughts on Boldness

Our NYC 2016 team had an incredible time in New York back in June! Our team wanted to share their thoughts on boldness! We hope you are inspired to step out and be BOLD in your community!!!!

Boldness comes in many shapes and sizes. It is one thing to be bold by stepping out and talking to strangers, but it takes another type of boldness to build space into your life for other people. This trip was a reminder that a lifestyle of boldness isn’t just about the day to day, its also about the week to week and month to month. It takes boldness to build relationship and community. I love how God continually expands our horizons and perspectives when we allow Him to move in our lives.
— Gabe Puckett
Be who you are created to be! If you love to talk to people, talk to the people around you and encourage them! If you love to give gifts, give the people around you gifts! Be bold in the areas that love!
— Danielle Helson
Just do it. There’s nothing more rewarding than being a part of watching heaven come and invade wherever you are. And there’s no better feeling than knowing that you just got to be the person who brought someone closer to the Father’s heart, even if it was just for a moment. You’re sowing kingdom seeds and that’s not something you’d want to opt out of at any time.
— Faith Boyce
Just be you. Don’t perform and act outside of who you are. People can tell when you’re not authentic. There is no need to pretend to be great when you are already incredible. You were designed intentionally. Love people as the remarkable son or daughter that you are.
— Judah Legge