Seattle Day 1: Pike Place Market

Yesterday was the first day of the Cultivate Boldness Seattle trip! We were all so encouraged by what God did yesterday. Check out the team’s stories!

Kylie Jean's Story

Day one of Cultivate Boldness Seattle was absolutely amazing!! It was so beautiful to see the how God not only touched the people we encountered, but also touched each team member. It was such an honor to step out in boldness, encouraging, praying, and valuing people all around Seattle and in the famous Pike Place Market!! We saw hands, feet, and legs healed, and people radically encounter the love of God.  It was only the beginning of what God has for this Trip!! I'm so excited for what He has for the rest of the week!!

Danielle's Story

Today was a great day! Before going on our adventures today, I felt like the Lord said that I would encounter a woman on crutches and that I would know that it is her. So throughout the day, I kept my eye out for crutches! As we were walking around Pike Place Market, I would see people here and there with crutches but I kept referring back to what the Lord said about “knowing it was her”.  So as we were ending our day and walking towards somewhere to eat for dinner, I saw a crutch leaning against a column and on the other side of the column, there was a person playing music. As I walked towards that person, I noticed a young lady on crutches and just knew she was the one!

I can’t explain how I knew it was her, but I just knew! I headed straight for her and introduced myself. She seemed to be excited and receptive of me praying for her ankle. I went ahead an prayed and she was super encouraged. In all the excitement, I forgot to even ask if she felt a difference in her pain level because by the time I stopped praying, I had a word of encouragement for her, as did Kylie Jean! The word was concerning some upcoming travel and just some plans that the Lord had for her. As she was sharing her feedback, I was reminded of what the Lord said to me earlier about the woman I would meet on crutches. He said that I would "see people walk freely”. 

Though I didn’t see her walk freely without her crutches, I did see a sparkle of purpose and excitement in her eyes about what God has for her next! It’s always exciting to run into fellow believers and I am so excited to see what she’s about to walk into! 


Falguni's Story

The Cultivate Boldness Trip has really helped me to step out in faith. I was a little timid and shy to share and encourage people with what God had laid on my  heart, but as the night went on it got easier. It's because the Lord was walking before me and I put all the distractions aside. It became fun for me to encourage and empower someone and to share the love of Christ. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to hear from the Lord, then you need to go on this trip! Life changing! 

Shannon's Story

Before we left for the day, as I was asking God about the day, I felt like we would be spending time that day at Pike Place Market. In my mind's eye I saw a place in the market that I've been before and got an impression that we would run into street musicians. Later when we got to the place I'd seen, there were a couple of guys sitting against the wall one had a guitar. We went up and introduces ourselves and asked if we could give them an encouraging word. They said yes. Their names were Joe and Jacob. As we began to speak over them they were visually impacted by our words. Jacob commented on our "approach" obviously waiting for us to lay out the plan of salvation or something to them. They were stunned that our only agenda was sharing God's love and care for them. Then Danielle had a word ok knowledge about pain in an ankle also her hand was really hot. Jacob said his feet were both hurting and he had pain in his hand. She prayed for him and the pain left.