Shelby's Story // 7.29.14

After hearing the testimonies from the CB New York trip, it woke something up in me. I realized over time that I've stopped making it a priority to stop and love people I pass every day. This morning I woke up, inspired and encouraged — I went about my day, asking God to show me someone who needs healing. 

PART ONE: I subconsciously drove to a coffeehouse that was out of my way, before a lunch date. When I asked the cheerful barista how her day was going, her countenance changed as she truthfully began to speak about pain in her wrists. A task as simple as making coffee was excruciating. A year ago, she had surgery on her left wrist to remove a cyst, but now her right wrist was hurting as well. She was afraid of having another surgery and not being able to use either hands. 

God couldn’t have made it easier/clear for me! As soon as I asked if I could pray for her, she blurted out a, “yes please!” Holy Spirit overflowed immediately, we commanded healing in both wrists. That’s all we did. I asked her how she felt and said 100% of the pain left within seconds! Overjoyed and thankful, she asked questions about the ministry school (SOSL) I went to and it opened up great conversation! He is so good!

PART TWO: At lunch with my friend, Shailey, we sat next to a woman and her young daughter. Before we leave, the woman gets our attention and comments on the conversation we were having. Apologizing for sounding like she was eavesdropping, she said she was very encouraged by what we were talking about. We begin sharing about our backgrounds. She just so happens to be a youth leader, holding a youth ministry in her house. 

She is also a dancer... who ended up needing to have rods/screws in her back to keep everything together. She had faith that God would heal her, but hadn’t experience it 100% yet. Shailey and I got to pray for her, prophesy over her and her daughter (who got baptized in the Holy Spirit a week ago). A beautiful lunch date, quickly turned into a prayer session of forgiveness and healing. 

I’m amazed by how easy it is for God to put people in our paths. I didn’t even have to ask. I just paid attention, stopped what I was doing and had the honor of partnering with what God was already doing!