#CBNYC14: Day 4 Update

Thank you so much for waiting for this update! We ended up getting home super late and then we all had to work the next day! Here's our update from our final day in NYC!

Hey guys! Today has been a long day, but it was SO GOOD! We saw so many cool things happen. This morning we felt like our word for the day was that we were going to have encounters that we have never had before! AND WE DID!  Here are our stories!

Danielle's Story

Guys! Today was AMAZING! We set off for Central Park to feed homeless people and could not find one homeless person. While we were looking for homeless people, Naomi, Carrie and Kylie Jean stopped off to watch some street performers. While they did that, I asked Chelsea if she would come with me to talk to this dude that was highlighted to me! I walked up to the guy and introduced myself and then gave him an encouraging word. He looked at his friend and they started freaking out saying how they just had a conversation about that! They were in absolute shock and kept asking if I was clairvoyant. I got to explain how God loved them so much that He sent us to Central Park today to share His kindness and love. From talking to Charlie and Isaiah, their excitement bled onto others and had the opportunity to encourage about 10-15 other people! It was crazy! We saw people get healed, encouraged and even become a Christian! This day was just like a bible story where God's love and kindness through the supernatural made way to share more about Him!!

Chelsea's Story

I tagged along with Danielle during her time with Charlie and Isaiah, and gave Isaiah a word, too. That encounter spun off into one of my own, and it was the most impactful time of the trip for me.

A young woman, T., came and watched us from a distance. She was with the guys. Kylie Jean and I introduced ourselves, and basically bombarded her (lovingly) with words of encouragement. She began to cry, and walked away to compose herself. It can be overwhelming when people you just met start to tell you all about your life! After hesitating, I followed her, with a tissue. Naomi came with me.

We spent a while with T., and she poured out her heart to us. What an honor. In reflecting, I realize how precious transparency is, and how honored Jesus is when we choose to be vulnerable with Him, especially in our brokenness.

When T. first stated crying, she lost one of her contacts. She brought it up again, so I asked her if we could pray for her eyesight. Afterward, she told us that her contacts were just for eye color, not for prescription. However, her right eye had suffered significant trauma a while back, and her vision had been blurry ever since. Shortly after praying, she covered her left eye, and was astonished to find that she could see clearly out of her previously damaged eye! I think I was equally surprised! I asked her more than once, to be sure I had heard her correctly... I had!

But there's more...

"Would you like to have Jesus in your heart?" Naomi asked T. Quietly, she nodded yes. She led her in a prayer to receive salvation! It was so beautiful! Then, I mentioned something about talking to God. "But how do you hear Him?" asked T. We led her in a journaling exercise: talking to God, and intentionally listening for His response. She began to write, and was overcome when she realized that God was speaking to her! Another beautiful moment!

There were tears, hugs, and words of love. God is SO good! Eventually, we parted ways (the other girls encouraging other people and praying for healing all the while), but Charlie and T. found us again before we left. More hugs, more love, and we prayed a blessing over them. The Lord was all over them; their faces were glowing. There was a light in T.'s eyes that I hadn't seen at the beginning. Jesus!

What I've shared up there is just a sliver of the glory we experienced. It was a total honor, privilege, and blessing to be a part of what God was doing that afternoon. Divine appointments all over the place.

A few momnths ago, I received a prophetic word that I would see eyes opened, both physically and spiritually. That last day in New York City, I saw the first fulfillment of that word. I can't wait to see more (including my own). Thank You, Jesus!

Carrie's Story

The Central Park outreach was a surprise. We went with the intention of encouraging and handing out snacks to homeless people. What happened was something completely different. It started with Danielle and Chelsea approaching two guys to encourage them. They got super excited and wanted to share what they experienced with everyone. Their excitement was contagious and pretty soon people were surrounding us and waiting to get encouraging words. Seeing their eyes light up when we started encouraging them was beautiful. Some were overcome with emotion and walked away before we were finished! I had never seen people so receptive and excited about receiving encouragement.   

Kylie's Story

Naomi's Story

The Central Park Outreach was my favorite experience of the trip.  The fact that we were on a mission to minister to the homeless, but couldn’t find one single homeless person was crazy; because, God had a quite different plan.  Instead, he brought us to a large group of street performers and their friends.  These people were so spiritually hungry.  I don’t know if I have ever experienced so much favor.  Danielle encourage two guys… which opened the door for us to encourage probably 10 more.  A girl named, Tyease approached the park benches where we were encouraging these two guys.  We prophesied over her which led her to an eruption of tears.  We spoke life into the deep areas of pain and torment she had experienced.  After receiving a Word of Knowledge from the Lord, I repented on behalf of all the women in Tyease’s life who had betrayed her and disappointed her.  Then I began to prophesy over her son (who was not present).  I declared who he is and who he will become.  Another outburst of tears came, but this time she ran off to go tell her friends, “This girl just totally described Zion (her son) and has never met him!”  She could not believe how accurate the things the Lord was saying through us were.  She started opening up about her past abusive relationship, which had caused her eyesight to go blurry in one eye.  My partner, Chelsea asked Tyease if we could pray for her vision.  Her eye healed a few minutes later!  In the midst of God doing so much already in this girl’s heart, I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus in her heart.  And she said YES!!!  It get’s better.  She asked “How do you know this stuff? How do you hear God?”  So we got to teach her how to hear God’s voice! She journaled back and forth with God on some paper I grabbed from my purse.  Then she froze, with her hands covering her face.  I watched her sob.  Then she began to share how she was overwhelmed, and couldn’t believe GOD was speaking to her.  After an hour of ministering to Tyease we prayed a blessing over her life and her dreams.  I am so honored that God gave me such insight in this young woman’s life.  Transformation was happening right before my eyes.  That day in Central Park, Tyease got deliverance.  She has such a huge destiny instore!  Praise you Jesus!!