Danielle's Story // 5.4.14 // Subway

This morning during church, I found out that my brother-in-law was in a car accident and had fractured his neck. Not really knowing his status, I left church and went straight to the hospital. Once I got to the hospital, I found out that things were better than they initially had thought and now we all just had to wait for him to have his surgery. 

While family members were coming and going, I decided to get a salad at the hospital's Subway. As I was in line, a man and his wife came and got in line behind me. You could tell that they were having a pretty rough day and that they needed some cheering up. I didn't really feel like I was supposed to give them an encouraging word, but I really felt like I was supposed to purchase their food! As I was checking out, I told the cashier to ring up whatever they had. They ended up sitting through the long line just to get a diet Coke. 

Once they were checking out, the cashier had told them that I bought the soda and their how demeanor changed. They went from looking gloomy to looking really happy! I told them that I hoped they had a great rest of the day and they just saying God bless you! 

It was cool to partner with God and change someone's day! A hospital is usually known for doom and gloom and I was glad I was able to bring a little bit of sunshine!!!