Amy's Story // 4.30.14 // Trader Joes

I made it to Trader Joes just in time to pick up some coffee before it closed. As I pulled up to the red light I noticed a woman selling the Contributor newspaper. I felt prompted to buy one and as she handed me the paper she thanked me and said that she had a lot on her mind. As she walked back to her corner of the sidewalk I loudly asked what was bothering her. Tears started streaming down her face and she replied that it was a lot. Throughout our shouted conversation I was able to listen to Anita and offer words of encouragement and hope before the light changed. As I drove away I was undone with Papa God's kindness and love for this brave woman facing her fears with faith and hope. His timing is impeccable and his ways are entirely his own. Even the seemingly smallest of moments can become great when you stop for the one person Papa places in front of you.