Danielle's Story // 5.10.14 // Fire and Light Festival

So today, I had the pleasure to participate at a festival called Fire and Light that the Foundry hosts! It was basically a festival of continuous worship, praying for the city of Nashville and sending out teams of people to pray for the sick and share God's love! Definitely my kind of festival! As you may already know, I work at the School of Supernatural Life and we were hosting a booth where people could come and receive prayer for physical healing! 

I am also so excited to have booths like these, because people come to you for prayer and it shows how hungry they are to see God move in their lives! With that being said, after praying with several people, three people's stories really stood out to me that day!

The first story is a guy named David. He came up to get prayer for his allergy problems that he had been battling that week. He said how he has been congested and not felt the best! As he was sharing his story, I felt like I was supposed to share my testimony of getting healed from food allergies! I told him how I got delivered from food allergies the year I went through the School of Supernatural Life and how I have not had any issues since then. After I shared that story, you could feel his faith rising and so we went on to pray for him. As we were praying, I could feel warmth in my hands, so I asked him if he was feeling anything. He said how he felt this sensation going up and down his face and that he could feel things opening up! I was so excited to hear that! God is SO amazing!

The next story that stood out to me that day, was a guy named Paul. He recently had been in a fight and ended up having to have surgery on his head. This meant that he had a very fresh scar going from the front of his head to back behind his ear. As he came up to get prayer from the team, he was having a really hard time communicating with us. We ended up just praying for him and loving him the best we knew how. After we were finished praying, he kind of wandered off and I was bummed because I wanted to continue to talk to him. He ended up coming back about an hour later and told me that he was thankful for us praying for him and he felt like his worry had gone away! I could feel the peace of God on him and he seemed to be at a much better place than he was when he first arrived to the booth!

The final story that I would like to share is about a guy named Michael! He came up to get prayer for his wrist. He said how it had been hurting and that it is not helpful to have a hurt wrist when he plays violin! So we prayed for him! After praying for a bit, we asked how he felt and he said a little better! So we thanked God for what He had already done and continued praying for more! By the end of the second prayer, he said his wrist was better and we were all so thankful! Yay God!

All in all the Fire and Light Festival was AMAZING! I am so thankful that the Foundry hosted this for our city! It was great getting to partner with other churches to focus on what God is doing in Nashville! What a great day!